Health Care Sharing Ministry - a Non-insurance option.

Altrua Healthshare

Altrua HealthShare is a recognized health care sharing ministry and is an alternative to health insurance that can give you an exemption from the Affordable Care Act and possibly lower your monthly cost.  Because Altrua HealthShare is not insurance it is important that you fully understand what a Health Care Sharing Ministry is. Please download and read the entire Altrua-Membership Guidelines PDF and the Altrua Brochure PDF below before you consider this option.  

Membership Guidelines regarding eligibility apply.

Please refer to the most current Membership Guidelines for limitations. 

2020 Altrua Membership Guidelines (pdf)


Altrua Brochure (pdf)


2020 Height and Weight Chart (pdf)


What Members Give to the Membership

Monthly Contribution Requests

The Head of Household or Primary Member is sent monthly contribution requests based on age and/or number of household members, which they submit to stay active in the membership.* 

 *The Head of Household is the oldest member in the household. **If a Household has more than five family members, the monthly contribution amount is increased by an additional $50 for each additional dependent (Diamond, Emerald & Sapphire Memberships). ***For Ruby, the monthly contribution amount is increased by an additional $50 for each additional dependent over 3 members. 


What are MRAs (Member Responsibility Amounts)

Members are responsible for a financial portion of eligible medical needs.


First Member Responsibility Amount (1st MRA) 

The member’s first out of pocket amount before the membership shares in eligible needs (any amount not related to office visits, wellness visits, sick visits, check-ups, follow-up visits, etc.).

Second Member Responsibility Amount (2nd MRA)

The percentage members are responsible for, after the 1st MRA is met, and before the membership shares in eligible needs. The membership shares simultaneously in eligible needs as the member’s 2nd MRA is being met.

Things to Note

Members whose weight exceeds the membership standard will have a share increase added to their monthly contribution.

To date, all eligible medical needs have been shared on behalf of members by Altrua HealthShare.

What Altrua Members Receive from the Membership

Members present their Membership ID card to their health care provider and pharmacist for office/urgent care visits and discounts on prescriptions.



Every membership includes access to services and discounts that help our members maintain a healthy emotional, mental and physical lifestyle.


 *WA customers will save 15% off standard prices or 5% off promotional prices. **Not available in WA 

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Please Read Before You Proceed

Provider information changes frequently. Also, finding  a provider on the Multiplan web site is not a guarantee of benefits coverage.    

Before you receive care, you should contact: 

  •            The provider to verify new patient status, location and network participation.         
  •            Your health plan to verify your benefits.