Dental and Vision Insurance

Most dental plans will cover your preventative services immediately, but your basic and major services typically have waiting periods anywhere from 6 to 1 8 months before those services are covered.  Most plans do not cover orthodontia, but those that do, typically will have at least a 24 month waiting period.  Once you choose a dental plan make sure and stick with it in order to get past those waiting periods 

There are several links below for instant quotes with several different dental and vision insurance carriers.

Get help with Dental & Vision Insurance Options

Vision Insurance

Multiple Vision Carriers

This option will provide multiple Vision Insurance options.

VSP Vision Insurance

VSP is one of the more popular vIsion Insurance options.

Humana Vision Insurance

Humana offers both dental and Vision insurance.

Dental Insurance

Multiple Dental Carriers

There multiple carriers and plans on this link.   Carriers that are not on this link are in the other categories bellow. 

EMI Health Dental Insurance

  • There are four different plan options
  • When it asks for Broker/Agency: type "Mark M Webster" if you enroll in the plan.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance

 There are four different plan options 

Premier Access Dental Insurance

  • 6 month waiting period for basic services.
  • 12 month waiting period for major services

Humana Dental Insurance

  • There are three different plan options. 
  • also has vision and health insurance options.
  • When get to the quote page click dental or vision tab on top.

Medico Dental Insurance Company

  • There plans are popular for single Individuals.

Dental Select Dental Insurance

  • There are four different plan options
  • When it asks Did you work with a broker click on "Click Here": 
  • Type "Earn It Agent LLC" for the BROKER NAME.
  • Type "110676" for the BROKER ID NUMBER.

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