Step 1: High Deductible Bronze HSA Plan

Save on monthly premiums by choosing a high deductible HSA eligible  bronze plan.

Step 2: Accident / Critical Illness Plan

Offset your high deductible for accidents and critical illness, with an accident/critical illness plan.

Step 3: Health Savings Account

Lower your taxable income and possibly increase your subsidy by setting up and contributing to a health savings account.

See more details and instructions below.

A great way to save on health insurance is by having a primary plan, supplementary plan, and a HSA

It does not cost you any more to have an agent.  Let us help guide you through the  process.  We help make things simple which help save you time and money.

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Step 1: Choose a high deductible bronze HSA plan

Shop on the health insurance marketplace to see if you qualify for a subsidy.

High deductible HSA eligible bronze plans can have a significantly lower monthly premium than most silver plans if you do not qualify for a subsidy or if you qualify for a monthly premium subsidy but not a cost share reduction to lower your other cost.  You can use the money you save to cover doctor visits and so forth.  By utilizing an HSA account the money you use to pay for those expenses will now have tax advantages.  Make sure to talk to your accountant about the tax benefits of an HSA account.  

The health insurance marketplace can provide a subsidized premium for people whose incomes are up to 400% of the federal poverty level.  If you are not offered health insurance through your work you may qualify.  Click on the "SHOP MARKETPLACE PLANS" to shop and compare plans.  You can only get a subsidy through the Marketplace.  If find that you do not qualify and there is no possibility that you will qualify for a subsidy then click on "NON MARKETPLACE PLANS" to shop plans off of the Marketplace.  

As you shop for plans it will say HSA eligible in the name if it is a qualified HSA plan.

Step 2: Choose an accident / critical illness plan

Help offset your deductible for accidents, sickness hospitalization, or even cancer or heart attack.

As you shop for plans you will see these abbreviations for the coverages the plan includes. 

AME = Accident Medical Expense: 

CHS = Cancer and Heart/Stroke 

Sickness Hospitalization 

Step 3: Set up a health savings account

Health savings accounts can be a great way to reduce your taxable income

As a reminder you must have a qualifying HSA health insurance plan in order to qualify for the tax benefits of contributing to an HSA.  Contributing to an HSA can also help lower your modified adjusted gross income which is used the determine your monthly subsidy with the marketplace. There are many great resources for setting up an HSA.  Health Equity tends to be a very popular resource.  Click below to learn more on their web site.

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